Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Cruise Ship Crime, A Medical Murder Mystery by Paul Davis,M.D. link for The Cruise Ship Crime
Cruise Ship Crime, A Medical Murder Mystery is not your ordinary mystery. The story is sometimes funny, sometimes touching, but the story of Dr. Alan Mayhew is always interesting. Dr. Mayhew is a recently widowed retired cruise ship doctor. His children decide to give him a gift - a cruise - only this time as a passenger.

The mystery revolves around the death of a ship employee, Michael. Michael's friends and lovers, and a mysterious roll of film often bring up more questions than answers. The doctor and friends try to put the pieces of the puzzle together. Most of the story however is the eye-opening romantic frolicking that goes on behind the scenes of a cruise ship.

The author, Dr. Paul Davis, is writing from experience as he was a ship doctor for 10 years. Reading the book was like sitting at a table with the ship's doctor and doing some "people watching". Young and old, male and female, romance is in the air on this cruise ship. My favorite story is one I had actually heard before - only in joke form. That's OK because it still fooled me until the end and I still laughed just as much.

The website for Cruise Ship Crime


  1. I love medical mysteries but haven't heard of any taking place on a cruise ship...or being funny. I am gonna have to look for this at the library.

  2. One always has to find the humor that exists in life-even when murder on the high seas is happening-Dr. Davis has done that.


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