Monday, September 13, 2010

Hell and Gone by Henry Brown link for Hell and Gone for Kindle or PC for Paperback

Hell and Gone by Henry Brown is a top-notch military thriller. The author takes great care to create characters that are believable and unique. Normally I can get lost in a book with many characters, but the characters in Hell and Gone were introduced in such a way that it was easy to follow.

This is a realistic story about a teenager recruited by a terrorist training camp for an attack, and a group of elite ex-military men sent to prevent the use of a nuclear suitcase bomb strike upon Israel.  Great writing creates scenes so well crafted that I felt like I was in a strange land in the middle of the action.
One of the parts of the story I found most interesing was the the author's descriptions of the physical effects on the men following a firefight.   I think this author's work can compare with any of the more famous thriller authors today.

Stop by the Henry Brown's website for Hell and Gone to read an excerpt and learn more about the author. I am very pleased to recommend this book to anyone that enjoys thrillers.


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