Saturday, September 18, 2010

The New Knitter’s Template by Laura Militzer Bryant and Barry Klein link for The New Knitter's Template

First of all, I loved that the book is hard bound with the pages spiral bound inside so that the book will lay flat. This is not your ordinary pattern book. The book starts with 7 simple steps to create that perfect custom garment. All patterns are knitted bottom up with the ability to use different neckline and body styles. There is information on sizing, measurements, and it has a yarn yardage chart.
There are several worksheets to make copies and fill out. There is a Body Measurement chart and a blank pattern worksheet to record all of the information for each project.

I spent a lot of time trying to figure out the finished measurement chart without success. This is the chart that enables the knitter to determine the correct size. This book is not going to be for every knitter. I found it limiting and very confusing, but there are some very good tips in the book. There are also several lovely stitch designs with photographs of the design knitted up into swatches.

Although I found this book confusing, I would recommend checking out the “Look Inside” feature on to see if this is a style of pattern you would be able to follow.

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  1. I'm sorry you found the measurement chart confusing--I'll try to help. We had to assume certain things in order to enlarge each size as the chest/bust measurement increases (as do all designers). The finished measurement chart simply gives you the inside information that we used for each subsequent size. Once you have taken your own measurements, you can compare them to the ones we assumed, paying particular attention to things like shoulder width, back neck width and armhole depth. Then you know where to alter a pattern to fit more correctly.
    Hope this is helpful!


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