Saturday, March 6, 2010

Terminal Neglect by Michael Rushnak link for Terminal Neglect by Michael Rushnak

About the Book: What if an elite band of pharmaceutical drug barons called The Health Club infiltrated the governmental safety process resulting in the FDA approval of a killer drug? TERMINAL NEGLECT is a medical thriller dealing with our worst fears about those in whom we trust to "care" for our lives.

My Review: Terminal Neglect by Michael Rushnak is a fast paced medical thriller involving drug companies, doctors, and high powered politicians. Medical mysteries and thrillers are favorites of mine, and Terminal Neglect did not disappoint. Attempted murder, kidnapping and deception create the action and adventure in this story of The Health Club, a mysterious and criminal organization. The plot moved very quickly as the main character, Dr. Rogers, tries to prevent a killer drug from making it to the market. I enjoyed his fight to do what was right while battling criminal actions on all sides and his efforts to protect himself and his family.
I thought there was some emotion lacking from the character when his daughter was in danger, but that is a minor complaint in this interesting thriller. Some of the situations in the book are all too true-to-life and some are pure fiction, but they all work together to make an adventure-filled read.

About the Author: Michael Rushnak, M.D. M.P.H. lives in New Jersey with his wife. They have three adult children. He graduated Rutgers Medical School in 1974 and is board certified in both internal medicine and gastroenterology. Dr. Rushnak was the senior founding partner of a private practice group until he "retired" in 1992 to focus on public health issues. Initially, the founder of a New Jersey non-profit healthcare "Think Tank," he has earned a Masters in Public Health. Dr Rushnak has attained senior positions in goverment, managed care, pharmacy benefit management and the pharmaceutical industry.  His website is:
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  1. Wow-this sounds fascinating-I enjoy medical thrillers. thanks-I am emailing you my address now.


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