Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Follow Me Down by Marc Strange link for Follow Me Down
Book Description: A man, hanging from a tree at the edge of the forest that surrounds Dockerty, Newry County, has been shot with arrows, two of which pin his belly to the tree trunk. Orwell Brennan, Dockerty’s chief of police, wonders whether it’s a hunting accident when a sergeant tells him it’s been ruled a murder. He also tells the chief that it’s now in the hands of Metro Homicide and outside his concern. But Orwell has never listened much to those telling him to mind his own business, and this case has far too many unanswered questions to suit him. He decides he can’t and won’t let it go until he knows what really happened—no matter whose toes he steps on. With a fast-paced, cinematic-like narrative, this murder mystery introduces a take-no-prisoners police chief, whose determination unearths some better-left-alone secrets.

My Review:  Follow Me Down by Marc Strange started out as a solid, well-plotted mystery. I liked the character of Chief Orwell Brennan and the interesting side story of the town’s struggle with police cutbacks. The build up to the crime was smooth and the story of a previous crime set the stage for the perfect mystery with numerous suspects.

Somewhere around the middle of the book, the story fell apart for me when the plot became too convoluted. Bed-hopping escapades involving just about everyone took over and created a real down-turn in the story. The original crime within a crime story seemed to take a back seat and what remained almost seemed like a different book. By the end of the book there was a recovery and although predictable, it brought the story together for a satisfying conclusion.


  1. Why do so many writers feel that they have to inappropriate sex into their books? Sometimes it makes no sense whatsoever. I've read several books that fell apart in the middle because of it, as you describe. I'm glad this one recovered itself and gave a satisfying read.

  2. Yup - the sex scenes would make this book a no for me. Too bad, it sounded like ti would be a good one!

  3. Hi, I'm bj, over from SITS.
    Just saw your comment on SITS and agree about not enuf time to warn of a tornado. I live in West Texas where we have a lot of tornados each spring and even into the summer.
    We just have to stay tuned to the tv and radio when a dark cloud gathers....
    Have a really great day..

  4. I read so much. I had seen this book but was on the fence. Thanks for the great review.


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