Saturday, March 20, 2010

The Accessory by James G. Hutchison Link for The Accessory 

About the Book: The Accessory is a story of intrigue that explores how religious extremism is used by the country's elite to further their own agenda of power and control. Sean and Leslie Hodges are two aspiring young adults heading to the top of the charts with their indie band 'Indigo Insight'.

Twelve miles south of town, a mining corporation with ties to a secret society are trying to set up shop... the teens' lives are forever changed by a bizarre discovery about their past, and the corrupt activities of the country's financial power brokers.

The assassination of a doctor rocks their town, and the people that are secretly involved are the least anyone would suspect...

My Review: The The Accessory by James G. Hutchison is a crime drama/thriller about two cousins who find out something about their past that changes their lives forever. The two main characters are young adults who are trying to find their way through a strange twist in circumstances. A secret society, made up of fundamentalist Christians, want to blow up an abortion clinic and they have corrupt business people and politicians helping to protect them.

The story follows Sean and Leslie as they make decisions in their relationships, careers, and education. They are interesting and likeable characters and seem very real. I did have some problem with the flow of the parallel stories, and thought there wasn't an effective blend. Several characters got lost until the end.

I am put off by the way the author mischaracterized fundamentalist Christians as murderers and crazy "secret society" people. They are a segment of mainstream Christians and it was a very disparaging way to portray them.


  1. I'm sorry you took it that way; I did make a clear distinction between the fanatics and the moderates, so it is an unfair statement to say I mischaracterized fundamentalist Christians as a whole. And, for the record, they're not all benign - I did in fact meet someone (a fundie) who was planning on taking out abortion doctors with his rifle...

  2. I have no intention of arguing with an author over my review of his book. Mr. Hutchison, behave like a professional.


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