Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Until Now by Denise Skelton link for Until Now

Terry Meyers is a recent divorcee with 2 sons and more money problems than she can handle. The ex-husband won’t help, and her hot temper gets her in too much trouble to hang on to her job. She swears off men for one year as she tries to put her life and career on the right track. Well, she tries to swear off men.

Until now is a smart, clever, and funny romantic story of two people who are trying to make a good life from a bad start. Watching Terry have to deal with her children, her niece, an ex, and a new hot guy makes this book a fun read. The situations in which the character finds herself are comical. OK, she doesn’t FIND herself in them; she quite handily makes them happen all by herself. Wade, is almost the perfect man, but struggles with harsh family problems.
I enjoyed Until Now very much. Although there are a few sex scenes, the majority of the book is about Terry’s life, friends, and family.  Absolutely a five-star book!


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