Saturday, October 24, 2009

Letters to Rosy by C. Ellene Bartlett

What a beautiful cover on this book! link for Letters to Rosy

Book description:
An ocean apart, two elderly women, Rene DuBois, in Germany and Roselee Payton in America spent time in the late ’40s and early ’50s as teens in the town of Bartsville, Georgia, a small town outside the city of Atlanta. Mendy was the third in the trio. The three were bound together by respect, loyalty and love for each other.

My Review:
Letters to Rosy is an interesting tale of two women, each with a mysterious story from the past to tell, who correspond with letters. With their health failing, they set out to tell their stories and finally share the truth. The stories are written in short bursts, as Rene and Roselee are physically able, in a back and forth method. As each story unfolds bit by bit, the tale becomes more mysterious. Although the story becomes quite implausible at times, it held my interest solidly until the end. Waiting to find out what happens to each character is what makes this book so intriguing. The book has more twists and turns than a mountain road, but it all comes together by the end in this story of romance, mystery and crime.


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