Monday, June 1, 2009

Monster by Frank Peretti ***

Product Description
Something's out there...
Reed Shelton organized this survival weekend. Hired the best guide in the region. Meticulously trained, studied, and packed while enouraging his wife, Beck, to do the same. But little did they know that surviving the elements would become the least of their worries. During thier first night of camping, an unearthly wail pierces the calm of the forest. Then someone--no, something--emerges from the dense woods and begins pursuing them. Everything that follows is a blur to Reed--except for the unforgettable image of a huge creature carrying his wife into the darkness. Dependant on the efforts of a small town and a band of friends, Reed knows they have little time to find Beck. Even more important, he soon realizes that they aren't the only ones doing the hunting. Something much faster, more relentless--and definately not human--has begun to hunt them.
Frank Peretti is at the top of his game in this New York Times best-selling novel of "survival of the fittest." Nothing is as it first appears in this thriller where things that go bump in the night are only a heartbeat away.

My Review:

This book is difficult for me to review. I can’t give detailed reasons why this book fell short for me without giving away too much of the plot. I have heard many good things about this author and I wish I had started with another of his books first. I guess I can say that two monster story lines going at the same time were just too many and added to the lack of believability. Having said that, it is not a bad book and I will be looking forward to reading another of Mr. Pereti's books.

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  1. I would definitely recommend trying one of his earlier novels. His first four (This Present Darkness, Piercing the Darkness, Prophet, and The Oath) are all excellent books. After that was The Visitation which wasn't one of my favorites, but still a good book. I think he took a 10 year hiatus before he wrote Monster which made a big difference in his writing style, in my opinion (and not one that I'm all that crazy about). Trust me, the earlier books are the best.


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