Saturday, June 6, 2009

I Like To Whine!: Dealing With Whining Children by William G. Bentrim *****

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“I Like to Whine” written by William G. Bentrim, a former teacher and guidance counselor, is an absolutely delightful book for preschoolers about whining behavior. Each page has a comical character behaving in a typical childish whining way, and a wise character responding in a kind, gentle, and correct reaction to that behavior. I love that the book does not scold children, but instead gives wise advice at the children’s learning level, and Mom and Dad are always respected as authority figures. This is the perfect book for new parents to begin reading to their children, and as the children begin to read, the parents will enjoy listening to children teaching themselves.
At the end of the book the author gives tips on how to use the book to encourage good behavior and how to deal with difficulties along the way. “I Like to Whine” is a perfect book for parents to teach good behavior before problems start.

ISBN #1442131721


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