Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Knitted Finger Puppets by Meg Leach

Knitted Finger Puppets by Meg Leach contains 34 quick projects for finger puppets. This is a good way to use up leftover yarns, and these wonderful portable toys can provide hours of play in public places when you have to wait. Whether your child is in church, in a doctors office, or going for a car ride these will provide fun, imaginative, and quiet playtime. 

The instructions are clear and there are good photographs of each puppet. All skill levels are represented here, with most being easy. 

There are basic knitting instructions, instructions for using DPNs (double pointed needles), and increasing/decreasing.  Using DPNs takes practice , but once you catch on, they are fun to use. There are also instructions for very basic crochet stitches. You can make individual animals and characters or make a complete themed group.  The themes are a North Pole Christmas, circus, and fairy tales.  This is a nice book to make some quick toys for family or charities.  These are popular in some charities, especially for children in hospitals or dialysis. 


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