Saturday, July 30, 2011

Baby's First Quilts by Nancy J. Martin

Martingale Publishing link to purchase Baby's First Quilts

Using traditional patterns and novelty fabrics, Nancy J. Martin has designed a book of patterns for beginner quilters. Baby’s First Quilts starts out with an impressive 21 pages of quilting instructions to prepare even the most novice quilter.  There are very basic instructions with information on rotary cutter equipment, and the use of other quilting supplies.  Also, there are detailed directions for matching blocks, sewing direction, and pressing - very important for a new quilter. 

Most of the quilts patterns are for beginners using novelty (or picture) fabric for design. All have clear color diagrams to show the placement of pieces.  Most are squares, triangles, and/or framed fussy-cut novelty fabric pieces.  Even the one appliqué pattern of Santas would be simple enough for a first time appliqué quilter.  There is one circle pattern, Beach Balls, which would probably require more experience because the pieces are sewn on a curve.

Since the only thing that would distinguish these as baby quilts is the fabrics and size, you could use the same patterns to make lap quilts at this size or rework the size to make full-sized quilts. The quilts would be appropriate not only for babies and children, but also for charity quilting.


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