Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Khan Dilemma by Ron Goodreau link for The Khan Dilemma by Ron Goodreau

Book Description: Las Cruces, California is a gritty town full of political corruption and social turmoil. The District Attorney, Rich Danko, is in the midst of a federal probe when a cabal of Washington, D.C. elites, fronted by a sinister FBI agent named Ross, takes an interest in a local double homicide. A young Muslim suspect has murdered two mysterious businessmen in a quiet, upscale neighborhood and for some reason the administration is scrambling to cover it up. Max Siegel lands the case and gets caught in a spiraling vortex of deadly intrigue with a dangerous mix of characters that threaten to consume his career and his life!

My Review:  The Khan Dilemma by Ron Goodreau is an interesting and exciting political thriller. Mr. Goodreau’s plot subjects of are realistic enough to be seen daily in today’s newspaper headlines. The plot moves at a good pace, and the story has a good blend of dialog and storytelling. People and place descriptions are thorough without being overdone.

The book started slowly for me, and although the character of Max was likeable enough, none of the characters really stood out. They were typical for this type of novel, but none of them had a boldness of personality that would create an intense interest for me. I was initially confused by the term “sap” and had never heard of this term referring to a weapon, so I guess I learned something.

I recommend The Khan Dilemma to anyone who likes a gritty crime/political thriller story.

About the Author: Ron Goodreau is a deputy district attorney in Stockton, California, presently living in Sacramento. He is an Air Force veteran with degrees in government and law.

A copy of this book was provided for review

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