Monday, May 4, 2009

In the Footsteps of Paul by Ken Duncan ***

In the Footsteps of Paul by Ken Duncan

3 stars

In the Footsteps of Paul is a lovely display book with luxurious paper featuring beautiful photographs of the locations where Paul lived and traveled. Some are quite emotional as the photograph of the pillar on which Paul was beheaded and the site believed to be part of Ananias’s house where Paul was taught.

While beautiful, the book is lacking in substance to enhance the importance of the places being photographed. Most pages have one photo per page with a location label and either a scripture or a paragraph about Paul’s ministry. There is no real depth to the book so it would not help much for study or even as a devotional.

Another problem I had was the print was difficult to read. The labels for the pictures are in very small print and the scriptures have oddly printed some of the words in a faint beige color. While beautiful to look at, it makes them difficult to read.

I was very disappointed in this book. It would have been more useful to have half as many pictures with more details of the historical significance of the sites.


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