Saturday, May 16, 2009

Gray Apocalypse by James Murdoch *****

I love a good conspiracy theory and of course, government/UFO conspiracies are at the top of the list to provide intrigue and excitement. When the prologue of Gray Apocalypse makes your hair stand on end, you know that you better hang on and get ready for a thrilling ride.

James Murdoch did not just write a UFO story. Instead, he started with the conspiracies we are familiar with, the UFO sightings, alien grays and the underground bases, and took them to a new level with a well-planned plot, interesting characters, and non-stop action.

With the alien Breeder Grays preparing to destroy the human race, only Michael Kendon, trained from childhood to be a keeper of the secrets, can use his knowledge of the grays to save Earth. He is a complex character who is a killer and a healer. There are several other main characters, Laura Meller, a physician, working with Kendon to put the pieces of a puzzle together. Their work leads them to Eric Tepler, an astronomer and caretaker for a remote lighthouse observatory at Cabo Rojo and Gabriella Estrada, a local teacher, whose family gets caught up in the intrigue.

The story is exciting, frightening, touching and magical. The action never slows down, and I hope Mr. Murdoch writes a sequel or a prequel! Also, check out the website for this book for a video that will shock you.


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