Monday, July 25, 2016

When There Are No Easy Answers by John S. Feinberg

Grief is a difficult subject to read about and an even more subject to experience.  I have read many books that cover this topic, but none covers the experience as well as “When There are No Easy Answers” by John S. Feinberg.

People never know what to say to their friends or family members when a tragic illness or death occurs. In this book, the author covers the usual comments that are not helpful, and why they are not helpful. Often scripture is quoted, but misused. Next, he shared how he moved forward and learned to cope with the challenges ahead of him.  He even tackled the subject of the suffering Christian in the chapter “Grace, Justice, and the Suffering of the Righteous”. The book ends with ten ways the God uses suffering.

This is a deeply personal book in which the author shares his personal thoughts and experiences in an effort to help others.  In my opinion, that reaching out to his readers is what makes this book different from others I have read.  His experience was with the devastating diagnosis of his wife, but the lessons learned are applicable to all types of grief.

I wish that the lessons and  type of compassion in this book were taught in churches and Sunday schools. I highly recommend this book for those suffering tragedies of their own, but also for those who want to react to those around them in a positive, helpful way.

I received a copy of When There Are No Answers by John S. Feinberg from Kregel Publications in exchange for an honest review.


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