Saturday, June 15, 2013

Blood Pressure Down - The Ten Step Plan by Janet Bond Brill, Ph.D. D, R.D., LDN

This should be a hand-out in every doctor’s office when someone is diagnosed with high blood pressure. Blood Pressure Down is divided into 2 parts. The first section is entitled “Everything you Need to Know about High Blood Pressure and Your Health” – and that is exactly what it delivers. It fully explains the condition and how it can cause other serious problems. Part 2 is a ten-step plan to lower your blood pressure. This includes diet, exercise, supplements and weight loss. There are 8 appendices that follow with progress charts, checklists, meal plans, recipes and more. Having been through four home blood pressure monitors that just were not accurate enough to depend on, I was very pleased with the information included in this book about an organization (and their website) that tests and rates all of the different BP monitors. I chose an inexpensive recommended model and I finally had very accurate readings for a home model. I’m not likely to follow the strict diet with fish, soy and tofu and beans of all types, but there is enough included that I can make important changes to my diet and make a difference. I am adding the supplements, using other tips and fully expect good results.


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