Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Succulent Container Gardens by Debra Lee Baldwin

When I received Succulent Container Gardens by Debra Lee Baldwin I liked succulents, but now that I have read it, I absolutely love them.  This is the best container gardening book I’ve found.  I always pick out a plant and put it in the right size pot with no consideration to color and shape.  This book helps the reader make their container gardens into works of art.

Succulent Container Gardens is divided into four parts. In part one Pairing Plants with Pots, the book shows how the shape and color of the plant and pot can compliment each other.  Different pot styles are discussed, including ideas for using items around the house or thrift store finds.  For a quick crash-course there is a section, Ten Quick and Easy Plant-Pot Combos.

Part 2 is Plant Palette with a description of the different kinds of succulents and their growing needs.  Also included is information on the use of some nonsucculent plants as companion plants.

Part 3 is Creative Designs and Displays which shows plant groupings, hanging baskets, wreaths, stacked displays and even working with miniatures.  These are some of the most beautiful succulent displays I have ever seen.

Part 4 is Planting, Care, and Propagation to make sure your plants stay healthy and prolific.

The photographs throughout the book are outstanding and numerous. They inspired me to begin planning for both indoor and outdoor displays. My favorite quote of the book is in the preface: “These are the plants that allow you to be lazy.”  I highly recommend this book.

Timber Press provided a review copy of this book in return for an honest and fair review.  I provide a link to to purchase the book, but it is only as a courtesy and I receive no compensation if purchased.


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