Friday, May 25, 2012

The Women’s Fibromyalgia Toolkit by Dawn A. Marcus, MD and Atul Deodhar, MD

The Women’s Fibromyalgia Toolkit contains current information including some of the changes in diagnosing fibromyalgia.  There is now a larger umbrella of symptoms to help with the diagnoses. It also includes a diagram with the original diagnosis tender points.  My personal opinion as someone who has been diagnosed with fibromyalgia is that the tender point chart gives a more accurate picture of the condition. I think the new criterion creates a muddled view of fibromyalgia.

There is a lack of organization in the book, but fortunately there is an index to help find all of the topics covered.  There is a large section with suggested exercises complete with black and white photographs.  Also included is information on nutrition, pain management drugs, symptom tracking charts, pain management through pregnancy, and what to discuss with your physician.

The Women’s Fibromyalgia Toolkit is a good reference for the newly diagnosed with fibromyalgia or for someone who suspects they may be suffering from this syndrome and would like to know more about it. 


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