Friday, April 13, 2012

The Art of Garden Photography by Ian Adams

Link to purchase from Timber Press
This book is a little older published in 2005, but is still very current. After conducting a series of garden photography workshops, Ian Adams realized that a book specific to garden photography that included digital camera information was needed.  There is information about both film and digital equipment along with the author’s personal experience of his transition from film to digital.  The photographs in the book are beautiful and printed on glossy paper, but most were taken with film and not digital.  I would have liked a more balanced variety.

I enjoy seeing “experiments” that the photographer/author provided when he tried different exposures or filters for interesting outcomes.  There are detailed sections on composure, how to choose a viewpoint, and the common mistakes made by inexperience photographers with close-ups. I think the most valuable information for me was how and what to include in my pictures that was illustrated in his photographs.

I have always wanted to capture some of the beauty in my own garden and this is just what I need to get started.   Not just for the summer bounty, all four seasons are covered with beautiful photos of each. The Art of Garden Photography has earned a space on my permanent bookshelf.

Thank you to Timber Press for the review copy of this book.  I receive no compensation for the book's purchase from my link. 


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