Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Water's Edge by Robert Whitlow

As Tom Crane's life spirals out of control, he is called home to close out his recently deceased father's legal office. When he arrives in small town Bethel, GA, he finds his father's death and good character is in question.

Water's Edge by Robert Whitlow is a well-written Christian mystery that is heavy on Christian and light on mystery. I enjoyed reading about the type of legal practice Tom's father had and how he tried to work out the problems of Christians scripturally, without bringing it to court. I also liked his uncle's testimony and the effect it had on Tom's spiritual awakening. Potential readers should know that there is quite a bit of focus on the character's spiritual awakening, scripture, and his uncle's ritualistic Christian practices. The mystery of who killed Tom's father and another man is more of a back story.

Unfortunately, I liked everyone but the character of Tom. Even though he seemed to be trying to be as upright as his father, he continually did things that I though was unprofessional and dishonest. It was the one part of his life he did not seem to even acknowledge. For example, I would have no respect for anyone who would have a video conference, claim it to be a confidential conversation, but have someone hiding off camera listening in to what was going on. In spite of this, I did enjoy the book and I plan on reading more by this author. 

Thank you to Thomas Nelson Publishing for a review copy of this book.

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