Saturday, June 18, 2011

Baking With Cookie Molds by Anne L. Watson

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I am so happy to find this how-to book on cookie molds with detailed step-by-step instructions.  The author, Anne Watson, guides the reader through the proper types of ingredients to use, mold preparation, mixing the ingredients, and removing the cookie from the mold.  The purpose of the book is to enable even a novice baker to be successful at baking with cookie molds and enjoy this wonderful hobby.

Baking With Cookie Molds starts with a history and use of cookie molds.  There is an important section on the types of molds and which type of mold to use.  As soon as I received the book I ordered a Brown Bag Cookie Mold and gave her method a try.  
Here is the first mold I purchased:

Her secret for removing the cookie from the mold worked perfectly, and my first attempt was quite successful.  My skill at photographing cookies is a little lacking, but here is one of my cookies:

I can’t wait to try some of the many other recipes in the book. I have even purchased another mold.

The author’s love for sharing her knowledge about these types of cookies is obvious throughout her book, and I highly recommend it.

Also be sure to visit her website, Anne L. Watson  to read her monthly Cookie Mold magazine.  You will find more information on molds, photographs, and even more recipes. 


  1. I have a cookie mold hanging as a decoration and have never used it. Thanks for the info. I think I'll dust it off.

  2. They do make nice decorations! I ordered a bear mold too.


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