Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Part-time Vegan by Cherise Grifoni

With an interest in healthy eating, I decided to check out Cherise Grifoni’s new book, The Part-Time Vegan.  The book starts with the “Totally Not Boring Intro” that made me smile.  There is an introduction to vegan ingredients explained, but I wish there had been a little more information and an explanation of what makes each a healthy, tasty ingredient.  Names like TVP, Cacao nibs, and Vegan margarine need a little more of a sell.  There are short text-blocks in some recipes called “The Skinny On” that have information on some of the ingredients.

Some of the recipes that sounded good to me were:  Baked Zucchini Fries, Top of the Morning Cashew Butter Wrap, Gingered and Pralined Sweet Potatoes, and Millet and Butternut Squash Casserole.  For my taste, too many of the recipes rely heavily on the flavor of garlic.

Along with all of the recipes, there is a nice section with 11 dinner plans.  As a downside, there are no photos or nutritional/calorie information.   

The vegan lifestyle is usually all or nothing.  Many of the ingredients are expensive, and it can be complicated. As recommended by the book, I don’t think I am interested looking for Lactylate every time I purchase bread products (makes a vegan dish non-vegan).  I think this is a good starting point for someone who wants to give the vegan lifestyle a try.


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