Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Wake Up! You're Probably Never Going to Look Like That: How to be Happier, Healthier and Imperfectly Fit by Michelle Pearl link for Wake Up
Wake Up starts with information on scientific studies, dieting, but its main focus is how to manage unrelenting hunger and dealing with a lower metabolism. The author discusses her back and forth struggle with weight that went along with many personal problems. It is a realistic look at weight loss, with an emphasis on being as healthy as possible without setting unrealistic goals.

My favorite quote from the book is: “The last time I had a craving for a celery stick? That would be never.”

There is a nice section with a list of foods we frequently reach for and alternative choices. There is a section on keeping active with whatever exercise is manageable. There is information on food and our children, fast food and a 12 week change program. There is a unique section with fractured fairytales to debunk diet myths.

The book ends with interviews from real average people describing their own successful weight loss plans. There is no magic book that will give us all of the answers, but Wake Up gives good advice with hints and tips to create your own safety net meals.

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