Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Desserts 4 Today by Abigail Johnson Dodge

Link to preorder Desserts 4 Today by Abigail Johnson Dodge
It’s been a long time since I have found a dessert cookbook that captured my attention as Desserts 4 Today has. What could be better than delicious recipes for desserts with only 4 ingredients! Even with 4 ingredients these are elegant and mostly made-from-scratch desserts. Just an example of the recipes are:

Walnut Rugelach
Blueberry-Yogurt Panna Cotta
Whipped Caramel Toffee Ice Box Trifle
Raspberry – Peach Sugar Puffs
Ice Cream Puffs – The picture of this one looks wonderful.
Grown – Up Chocolate Bourbon Balls

At the end of each recipe there is additional information for substitutions and optional add-ins. There is also information at the end of the book on some of the ingredients, their handling and tips for use.

I confess that one of my favorite things about the book is that there are several recipes using Nutella™ a Hazelnut cream, which is one of my favorite sweets in the whole world. I love the simple ingredient list that creates beautiful and tasty desserts.

Abby Dodge, a former pastry chef and the author of seven cookbooks, is also a contributing editor to Fine Cooking magazine. Her website is Abby Dodge.


  1. Oh, I too love Nutella! Fun blog-- stopping by from SITS.

  2. thanks for dropping by my blog, linda. the donuts are from a donut chain here in the philippines :)

    oooh, love nutella on banana :)

  3. Hi Linda,
    Thanks for the kind words about my D4T!

  4. I haven't had Nutella in a while! I first had it on vacation in Itay and was like, what is this heaven on my bread? I found out it's in my local grocery store but it seemed exotic at the time!


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