Monday, January 11, 2010

The Adventures of Hardy Belch by William G. Bentrim

Book Description:  The Adventures of Hardy Belch chronicle the exciting and unbelievable adventures of a normal 12 year old boy and his 240 pound telepathic dog. Hardy and Tiny (his best friend and dog) find themselves in many predicaments but as a team and best friends they always end up helping others. Combining mystery and humor each story is written to entertain, and highlight the value of friendship, planning and selfless actions.

My Review: The Adventures of Hardy Belch by William G. Bentrim is, in my opinion, the author’s best yet. Twelve year old Hardy Belch (What a perfect name for a 12 year old boy!) and his dog, Tiny, are featured in three stories: The Bully, The Green Man, and the Delaware River Pirates.

Tiny, who is actually very large, is also telepathic dog and when problems come up he loves to help Hardy plan solutions. These are all stories that are not only entertaining, but also have an important message. Children will love the stories of Hardy Belch and Tiny and will also learn about how to stop bullying, how to treat those who may look different, about fairness, and dealing with financial stress.

Parents can read the Author’s Notes in which Mr. Bertrim explains his mission to help children learn in a positive and fun way. The author has a wonderful web page here: Hardy Belch  where you can meet Hardy and Tiny, and even print out a Hardy Belcher bookmark. I highly recommend this wonderful book for children.

About the Author: William Bentrim is currently working hard to become an author, his 4th career. After owning and operating a computer networking company for 25 years, teaching and counseling in the public schools for 10 years, owning and operating a convenience store for 10 years, he is trying something new. His hopes are to improve the society we all live in, to leave the planet a little better than it was the previous day and who is cognizant that his impact on the world is minimal.


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