Friday, January 11, 2013

The Concrete Kiss by David Grace

Detective Ned Danes is in a bind. He can keep quiet and an innocent man will go to jail or report misplaced information to the DA, make an enemy, and lose his job.  Fortunately, he has an old friend, FBI Agent Phil Abbot, who can help him out.  The bond that develops between these two men is an "I've got your back" friendship.

I liked the character of Ned Danes, and his work with cold cases drew me right in to the story.  I was a little disappointed when Ned fell into the background and Phil Abbot's story came to the front, but was pleased as the story progressed and the two of them teamed up again.

The character of Phil is an FBI agent who has adopted an autistic child with a tragic past.  She is able to communicate through her computer and uses her hacking talents to find a killer.  During Phil’s investigation a situation arises in which he now needs Ned’s help.  The back and forth with these two characters was a major theme of the book.  Just when I thought the story was wrapping up, Ned stumbles upon the answer to another cold case.   

Although I had a problem believing that FBI Agent Phil would allow his child to be involved with some of the illegal hacking, I still think The Concrete Kiss is another great book by David Grace.

I received a review copy of this book in return for an honest and fair review.  I provide a link to to purchase the book, but it is only as a courtesy and I receive no compensation if purchased.

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  1. What's interesting about the book that you write is,the autistic child who knows how to hack a computer,and also I like mystery case as well.


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