Thursday, January 17, 2013

Eating Right in a Nutshell by Susan Whittaker

This is another e-book I picked up for my Kindle, but I was surprised by some of the content. Care must be taken when reading a book that makes health claims by someone who is not a healthcare professional. Although the book does have a disclaimer that it is for "educational purposes" and "not to be considered medical advice", the author makes several claims about diseases that simply are not true. There is also an encouragement to perform a regular home health care procedure that could prove to be dangerous.

I was especially interested in reading the Growing Your Own Herbs and Sprouts section, but that turned out to be 4 or 5 paragraphs about her failed attempts and then her on-going attempt to grow sprouts. There was not real information on the proper growth and care of herbal plants.

The author mentions  things she has seen on TV that she has tried for "gut flora" and a type of food fermentation, but no real instructions or additional information. I understand the author's own struggles with health made her want to help others, and we all want to eat right and be health, but do a little research before following someone else's experience and non-professional advice.

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