Thursday, January 31, 2013

Live Second by Doug Bender

I was looking for a new yearly devotional and was happy to find this new one.  It didn’t take long, however, to decide this wasn’t the one for me.  This seems to be an attempt to be a new and modern devotional, and it may very well be attractive to the under 25 age group. 

The first assignment of the week is to go to a website and watch a video.  For this review, I decided to try a couple of random videos.  The first two links took me to “page not found”.   The third was an odd lecture on a sensitive topic and a testimony.   I tried another and this one was rather long, but in the end was a beautiful testimony of God performing a miracle.  The backdrop for the videos is a single white chair in the middle of a room with a spotlight overhead. It reminded me of the old movies when someone was being interrogated by detectives.  There is also quite a bit of bouncing camera shifts for artistic value.

I was taught to put God first. This modern version is put self second. In the attempt to put self second, you bring the vision of self forward, and to me seems self defeating.

The e-book presentation has a QR code by each weekly entry which really seemed to be there just to prove how new and youth oriented it is.  I believe the movement is sincere. However, links to the website and the constant requests to tweet your thoughts using the website hashtag appears to be an attempt to get everyone to advertise the website which just happens to have books, materials and t-shirts for sale.


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