Sunday, June 24, 2012

Doll's Eyes by David Grace

Doll’s Eyes is an intriguing story that begins when 16 year old Hannah McGuire saves the life of 13 year old JT Trainer and then disappears. JT grows up to become a homicide detective with a life-long passion to find Hannah. 

When a young girl is killed when caught in the cross-fire of an assassination plot, JT finds a web of murder, fraud, child abuse, and corruption of high officials.  This is a police procedural that gets a little bogged down with details at times, but I did enjoy the story and the underlying need to know what happened to Hannah. The characters are believable and I especially enjoyed the relationship JT had with the couple that took him in when he had no family. 

This is the second David Grace book I have reviewed.  Shooting Crows at Dawn was the first.


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