Wednesday, June 23, 2010

In Plain Sight by Mike Knowles

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About the Book: Wilson thought he had acquired freedom from being a gritty, gruesome criminal when a car accident puts him back in the crosshairs. This time, dirty cops use him as bait, telling him the only way to stay out of cuffs is to put someone worse in them. Knowing that justice isn’t blind in the city, Wilson picks a fight with the Russian mob to lure both the corrupt cops and brutal robbers into a trap, scavenging once again for his freedom. Full of gory conflict, this latest in the Wilson Mystery series offers nonstop action and savage violence.

My Review: If any book deserved the description of gritty crime drama, it is In Plain Sight by Mike Knowles. Written in narrative style with dialog only when necessary, you get directly into the mind of Wilson who is a very good, bad guy. This is a vicious, bloody and violent story with the Russian mob, crooked cops, and people who get in their way.

The author uses a unique style of adding a psychological look at his characters. There was an interesting look at a lesson Wilson’s uncle taught him about the necessary behavior to learn to hide in plain sight. This psychological twist is also used when Wilson sizes up his enemies. There was not a character in the book I really liked, but I don’t think it matters. In Plain Sight is not a warm fuzzy. Had I read Mr. Knowles’ previous Wilson Mysteries, Darwin’s Nightmare and Grinder, I think would have understood the character of Wilson more.

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  1. Sometimes I don't have to like any of the characters - as long as the story is compelling.


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