Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Hidden and Imminent Dangers by D.W. Hardin link for Hidden and Imminent Dangers  

Book Description: Nurse Mac MacIntosh spends his days immersed in the chaos of a Louisville, Kentucky emergency room, struggling to shout down the demons that have haunted him since his tour as a medic in war-torn Afghanistan. But when a patient with suspicious flu-like symptoms arrives from a nearby poultry farm, Mac finds himself caught up in a horrific humanitarian crisis. Infectious disease specialist Mercato Marcus is the first to suspect the outbreak of a mutant strain of avian flu, but administrative in-fighting delays the involvement of the CDC, triggering a disastrous and deadly chain of events that threatens to destroy the United States.

My Review: It is because of books like this one that I love being a book blogger. I read a lot of good books, but then sometimes I get an absolutely great book like this one. Hidden and Imminent Dangers by D.W. Hardin can hold its own against any of those “Famous” thriller authors on the market today.

Whether describing the emergency department or a compound in Afghanistan, the book’s details bring the locations to life without ever getting too technical. It is fascinating and exciting as the reader becomes an observer in the middle of the action. I especially like that the book includes the stories of not only the doctors, but also police, politicians, soldiers, and religious leaders. This is very well written and scary pandemic drama. I believe it is a very realistic account of just how prepared we would be in case of a pandemic.

There are several dramatic twists and some surprises that I did not expect. I highly recommend Hidden and Imminent Dangers, and I look forward to D.W. Hardin’s next book. This one should be a best seller.

About the Author:  D. W. Hardin is a registered nurse. He drew on his experience working in the emergency room of a class-one trauma and university teaching hospital to write Hidden and Imminent Dangers, his first novel. He is also a Lieutenant (Reserve) with the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office.

Book Website: D.W. Hardin


  1. Pandemics freak me out. I don't think I could read this. I seriously have nightmares

  2. haven't heard of this book or the author, but I like reading fast paced thrillers (esp medical or legal) so would prob enjoy this one! Thanks for the review! I agree with you that it's such a thrill to read a great book that stands out amongst the many other good books you read!

  3. Sounds like something different from the average formulated thriller thanks for the tip!


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