Monday, December 7, 2009

Tea Party Revival, The Conscience of a Conservative Reborn by Dr. B. Leland Baker link for Tea Party Revival

The Tea Party movement has been in the news for some time now, but what exactly is the Tea Party movement and who is involved? Their purpose has been so distorted by the news media, that it is interesting to finally read what seems to be an accurate account of this movement and its purpose.

The author describes the movement as fiscal conservatives who believe in constitutional compliance, smaller Federal government, state’s rights, less spending, lower taxes, and individual rights, responsibility, and integrity. As our country hemorrhages money, it is difficult to argue with these very basic requests. The author discusses why the checks and balances in the U.S. Government are important and how they have stopped working. The book also lists some of the Federal departments that are unconstitutional and why they should be eliminated. The last part of the book is a copy of the United States Constitution.

The book is informative and thoughtful. It has captured the essentials of this new grassroots movement that has caused such uproar with our politicians. My only criticism of the book is with the first page in which author lists twelve specific changes in the government that the tea party revival requests. The book clearly states that the Tea Party movement is not an organized political party, so there cannot be an agreed upon specific list of demands. The movement is just Democrats, Republicans, Independents, and even non-political Americans who want a fiscally conservative government and the ability to keep more of the money they earn.

The Tea Party Movement individuals have been subjected to ridicule and disparaging remarks. Even a former President of the United States called the group's participants a vulgar sexual slang term. The citizens of this country do not deserve that type of treatment. I hope those who are not familiar with this movement will take the time to read Tea Party Revival.


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