Thursday, December 24, 2009

I Used to Know That –Stuff you Forgot From School by Caroline Taggart Link for I Used to Know That

Book Description:

This small but mighty collection will trigger your memory with fun facts you learned in school-from adverbs to the Pythagorean Theorem. Witty, engaging, entertaining-a book you'll pick up again and again.

Author Caroline Taggart discovered two things while researching this book and talking with other people: One, everybody had been to school. And two, they had all forgotten entirely different things. Contained in this handy little book are the facts that you learned in school, but may not remember completely or accurately. Covering a variety of subjects, this book features all the most important theories, equations, phrases, and rules we were all taught years ago.


* History: The first president to occupy the White House was John Adams in 1800

* Religion: The seven deadly sins and the names of the twelve apostles

* Literature: In which Shakespearean play "The quality of mercy" speech appears

* Science: The periodic table of elements devised by a Russian chemist in 1889 includes the symbol for lead (Pb), silver (Ag), tin (Sn), and gold (Au)

* Nature: How photosynthesis works

The information-presented in easy-to-retain, bite-sized chunks-is accurate and up-to- date. It will touch a chord with anyone old enough to have forgotten half of what they learned at school. Here is a perfect gift for every perennial student.

My Review:
It was as I feared! Some of the information in this book I never did learn in school as a product of the Louisiana school system many years ago. That said, I Used to Know That is a fun and interesting book with many tidbits of information that can be used for a quick reference guide or to brush up a little on the major subjects of Math, Literature, English, Science, History, Geography, and General Studies.

Authors of classic literature, fractions, geometry, algebra (eek),the skeletal system, periodic table, U.S. presidents, countries and their capitals, and planets are just a few of the topics covered in this jammed packed little book. This is an entertaining book for those interested in trivia. It would also be good for quizzing school-aged children or to just remember facts that haven’t been needed for a few years.

About the Author: Caroline Taggart has been an editor of non-fiction books for nearly 30 years and has covered nearly every subject from natural history and business to gardening and astronomy. She has written several books and was the editor of Writer's Market UK 2009.

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  1. I really enjoyed this book-my dad and I went through it together at Christmas quizzing each other.


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