Thursday, October 25, 2012

Sirius Loss by Tim Edwards

Sirius Loss, by Tim Edwards, is a story that mixes Christianity and science fiction. Written in a style that would most interest preteen/teen aged readers, the story has an interesting plot when astronomer Jennifer Bass discovers a series of events that threaten Earth and all life. The author succeeded in making the story seem real, and I never knew until the end how it would turn out. The main characters are David Lopez, his wife Jennifer Bass, and their children Allison and Justin. The family is astonished by the discoveries, hounded by the media and challenged by the choices they make. The portrayal of this solid, loving family is a good role model for young readers. The book did not leave me hanging, but it did make me look forward to a possible sequel. I would recommend this for young readers, but I also think that older readers also can enjoy this quick read.


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