Saturday, October 6, 2012

Ghosts of Savannah by Terrance Zepke

This little book can serve double duty.  Ghosts of Savannah is an interesting introduction to the ghostly legends of Savannah, Georgia.  It can also serve as a nice travel book for sightseeing in Savannah.

The book starts with a little information about the city and its history as well as its haunted history.  As for the ghost tales, each starts with a story or dialog set back in time at the beginning of the location’s history.  This beginning is brief, but sets the stage for the story.  Also included, when available, is the status of the building or location, the address, website, and tour information. 

While not an in-depth study of the different locations, I enjoyed reading briefly about each of the sites, especially the historic, old houses.  The history of the houses was just as interesting as the stories about the ghosts that haunt there.

There are black and white photos of the locations.  Although color photos are usually preferred, I think the black and whites help set the scene with the historic locations.

Whether you want an introduction to the haunts of Savannah or are planning a trip there, Ghost of Savannah is a good start.   


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