Monday, October 22, 2012

Lifted by Angels by Joel Miller

Lifted by angels is a serious look at angels and their relationship to God and to us.  The author takes passages from scripture and from writings of our ancient fathers to explain what angels were to the early Christians. It is sad the way our world has portrayed these beings in such a trivial way. We have come to take them for granted, or worse, some think of them as imaginary beings.

The book covers the nature and origin of Angels, the fall of Lucifer and demons, watch-care over Israel, the angels and their work under Christ, the ministering spirits, how they work our prayers, and our guides as we pass over. 

It starts a little dry, and I confess I was irritated by some of the references.  For example, he attributed one contribution to "An anonymous fifth or sixth-century thinker".  However, as I read through and envisioned those beings in my life I was able to immerse myself in the book.  I was especially comforted by the vision of an angel taking the hand of a loved one to lead them as a "Final Companion. It is a short read but an important look at how we are Lifted By Angels.

This book was received from the Booksneeze program with the promise of an honest review.

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