Saturday, July 24, 2010

Together or Separate Knitting the New Twinset by Ann McCauley link for Together or Separate

If I had to describe this knitting book in one word, it would be – elegance. The designs in Together or Separate depend on simple, but beautiful patterning for their stylish looks.

The book begins with what the author calls “Alphabet of Musings”, which is really a miscellaneous discussion of the knitter and techniques. It includes instructions on buttonholes, increases and general knitting techniques, but it also includes health issues for the knitter. “Breath and Knitting” which has breathing exercises to practice while knitting, with other sections on eyes, back and hand issues that knitters face after long episodes of knitting.

The patterns included in this book are: a striped sweater with a separate matching cowl, a very classy mock pleat and rib turtleneck and skirt, several shell/cardigan sets, (my favorite is the eyelet and ruffle cardigan and shell on p. 27), a turtleneck/ headband/vest set, a cardigan and socks set, and much more.

The skill level of the patterns is a good mix from easy to experienced, and some of the shells are a good starting point before moving on to the cardigan.

These are beautiful and timeless designs and I am pleased to have this book by Ann McCauley on my permanent book shelf.

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  1. Hi There! Just stopping by from "The Hop." I really enjoy your design - it's clean and easy to navigate. The little clock is great. I collect miniature clocks, so I suppose I'm partial. :D

    Happy Reading!


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