Monday, July 12, 2010

The Skinny on Time Management and other Life Challenges by Jim Randel

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Book Description: The Skinny on Time Management summarizes for you the thinking of those who have spent years contemplating time and time management. This book will tell you exactly what you need to know to find the time to accomplish your goals.

My Review: This is an interesting, informative  and quick read to learn time management skills. It is plain, simple and to the point so as not to waste your time! It is not at all stuffy, but lighthearted, and I love the stick figure people and the Power-Point style pages. This book teaches the reader how to tackle procrastination, goals setting, focusing, creating a time journal, prioritizing, distractions, and much more.

The Skinny on Time Management has been very helpful for me as someone working in a busy medical office. I do have to say though that it would have also been helpful back when I had my first career which was as a homemaker and mom. In business and in the home we can all use lessons on using our time wisely.

I recommend this book for those in the business setting, in-services, homemakers, and even for teens in school.


  1. I definately need this! Popping in from SITS!

  2. Interesting...As a teacher, I need help with time-management during the summer. :) SITS sent me by, and I'm glad they did!

    All in a Day's Work

  3. I read a lot of time management books but nothing is better than using a system that will help you track your work that needs to be done everyday.

  4. This book tells us that exactly what one need to know to find the time to accomplish their goals. This one is really great.


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