Monday, January 25, 2010

The Survivors Club by Ben Sherwood Link for The Survivors Club
I was fortunate to have had a giveaway a few weeks ago for this book, but I am just now able to post my  review. 

Ben Sherwood interviews and researches those who have survived near fatal circumstances or disasters such as an animal attack, human attack, air disaster, disease, the holocaust, and more. Who fights and wins their trials and who surrenders to what is perceived as the inevitable?

When faced with an accident or impending disaster, how would you react? Why do some survive and some do not? The Survivors Club by Ben Sherwood takes a look at the reactions people have to fear and crisis and the actions that may make a difference in survival. In this information packed book, the author explains the different personality traits and how they create the ability to survive in a crisis – or not. I found the chapter on Ninety Seconds to Save Your Life especially interesting as Mr. Sherwood explains the right and wrong things to do in a plane crash. Another interesting chapter is A knitting through the Heart and how this event saved a woman’s life! An additional subject that the author explores is what result faith in God, religion, and prayer has on crisis outcomes and if faith helps you live longer.

While there is much information in the book on the profile of a survivor, the Ben Sherwood also provides access to an internet site in which you can test your own Survival Profile. I enjoyed the many stories of survival in this book and the lesson on how to react correctly in an emergency.

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