Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Life O'Reilly by Brian Cohen

Nick O’Reilly is a successful lawyer working hard to keep his standing in a very demanding law firm. The only requirement of the firm is to give your all to the company. When a decision is made to do pro bono work, Nick is chosen to take the lead. His first case is a domestic violence case involving Dawn Nelson and her son.

The Life O’Reilly is an interesting and well defined story. I found the first half difficult to read because I could see that the direction of the story was going toward a professional ethical lapse from the lead character. Because professional ethics is something that I take very seriously, I lost respect for the character. However, the second half of the book reads like a real life drama and completely drew me in. I became so involved with the character and his story that I began to wonder if this was a true story. The drama is intricately and emotionally described, and the cadence of the story held firm to the end.

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  1. What better complement can you give than to wonder if the story really happened? That's awesome!


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