Saturday, January 16, 2010

Knowing the Struggle is Over by K.M. Johnson

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From the Back of the Book:

"Frantically running towards the open doors of her life, instantly they slammed shut! Boldly marked with a going out of business sign and dead bolted closed. There it was, her life, vanishing immediately before her eyes.

After years of struggling and searching for an understanding of her life, K.M. Johnson found herself stumbling upon a spiritual journey revealing the true meaning of having faith in GOD. Knowing The Struggle Is Over takes the reader through a 3-step process in restoring their faith in GOD. This spiritual journey proves to the Christian believer that having faith in GOD is the only tool needed to overcome any struggle. Knowing The Struggle Is Over discusses how different circumstances in life may lead to doubt, unbelief, and fear. Ms. Johnson shares her experience on how she learned to stop complaining, let go and let God, and finally acknowledge that GOD is truly in control.

Knowing The Struggle Is Over incorporates several exercises that keep the reader fully interacted throughout their entire journey. The 3-step process may be shared with others and practiced daily. Knowing The Struggle Is Over addresses changes in today s world, the new religions that have transpired, and many of the tragedies we have encountered. The need for revisiting the foundation that Christianity is built, is fulfilled through scripture references, and comments on biblical passages profoundly embedded within each chapter. Knowing the struggle is over entails real-life applications in addition to practical messages. Whatever your situation or circumstance as you conquer this spiritual journey together with the author, you will find your pathway to Knowing The Struggle Is Over."

My Review:

Knowing the Struggle is Over speaks to the hardships of everyday life and the weight we put on our own shoulders to make things right. If I chose just a few words to describe this book they would be “a pep talk for life!” K.M. Johnson’s enthusiasm and passion for the things of the Lord shows forth all throughout the book. She shares her own struggles and the path that led to her finally “letting go and letting God” take care of everything. In Knowing the Struggle is Over, she describes her three step process:

1. Stop Complaining

2. Letting Go and Letting God

3. Acknowledging Him

K.M. Johnson’s writing style in this book is very personable, as if she is sitting across the table from the reader having a heart-to-heart talk. Her enthusiasm is contagious as she describes how to accomplish the goal of releasing the cares of the heart and embracing the compassion and love of God. Rich with scripture, the book will help the reader come to the realization that the fight has already been won, and the only thing left to do is rest in the peace and comfort of God.  This is a good book not only for individuals seeking a life free from burdens, but also appropriate for gifts, small Bible study group, book discussion groups, or as a devotional.

About the Author

K.M. Johnson is the CEO of Everything(s) Eventful, LLC and author of A Blog about God, by Trinite3. She graduated from Florida A&M University in 2005 with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and is currently pursuing a graduate degree in professional counseling. Ms. Johnson travels extensively conducting inspiration and motivational seminars and workshops in the United States and across the globe. K.M. Johnson was born on the Mississippi Gulf Coast and currently resides in Houston, Texas.


  1. Hi Linda

    This sounds like a great book...I too will be reading it soon:) Checking you out from Take The Journey Challenge!!! Great Blog:)


  2. Thanks Linda for such a thorough review! I'm glad you enjoyed the book. Have a blessed day!

    K.M. Johnson


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