Sunday, November 8, 2009

Social Security Immaculate Deception - A National Disgrace by Robert James Karpie

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Book Description:

Four old codgers are sick and tired of the abuse and neglect which occurs daily in their old-folks-home. Max has a broken leg for getting involved as he tried to help his buddy Thomas with his bed pan. Unfortunately, Thomas is now in the intensive care unit at the county hospital. He's in a coma. Another resident, Marge Taylor; has been repeatedly beaten and raped and hasn't spoken a word since her tragic ordeal started. She was too afraid to report her cruel and inhumane treatment. They actually hire a lawyer, Chi, Clarence's grandson who sues the state as well as the owners of Hell. The residents go wild with the idea and unite as they pool their resources and purchase Prudent Paradise in the Name of Love. They change its name to Social Security and become one big family; with a bar, pool, hot tubs, pets, the O-zone, and a Laugh Room.

My Review:

What can I say? I suspect this is a book that you either love or hate. I didn’t love it. Basically, it is a series of rants against just about everything by foul-mouthed senior citizens obsessed with sex and bodily functions. Nursing homes/assisted living centers take a real hit in this book as places that routinely abuse and rape residents.

Near its end is where the real purpose of the book becomes clear. The author addresses his political agenda such as Amero, CFR-New World Order, UFO cover-ups, Aspartame, “swine flu”, hemp and his hatred for Donald Rumsfeld, Dick Cheney, and George Bush. In the midst of the vulgarity there is even an attempt to bring about a spiritual message with misquoted Bible references. He directs the reader to several radical left-wing websites.

My view of the Federal government is that most of them are liars and thieves. Had the author written a non-fiction book with his world views with some references to back up his opinions, I may have been much more interested, but the book is just all over the place with disjointed ideas. The book ends on a low point when the author asked the country of Iran to forgive us Americans.

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  1. I have really no idea what i think of this book. The description and your review sounds good, but I don't know if it's for me.

    ps; the cover is fun!


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