Monday, November 30, 2009

Angel Fall by Coleman Luck

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Description:   The wind we know is only a shadow of something far greater. Lightning is falling in sheets. A wind is blowing that is larger than this world. In the middle of the strangest storm in history, an airliner crashes into the ocean and only three young people survive—a brother and his two sisters. But they are not together and the ocean is not on earth.

Alex, Amanda and Tori Lancaster have entered Boreth, a world of ancient devastation and deep evil ruled by the Worwil—seven creatures of immense power who existed before any world began. Through this world they must travel, into terror and temptation, every choice taking them closer to endless night. Scarred with the fires of hell and Heaven, their pasts are torn from their souls.
But shadowing each of them is a mysterious Being covered in scars who has faced ten-thousand battles. A being filled with the longing of ages. A longing to heal the broken-hearted.

With dark, glistening strands from Lewis, Lovecraft, and Tolkien, the cloth of Angel Fall has been woven. But the journey it weaves is not just for Alex, Amanda, and Tori … it is for all those who cannot find their way home.

My Review:
The was an unusual book for me as fantasy is not one of my usual genres, but the story drew me in and held my interest to the end.  I looked forward to each chapter as the next stage of the story presented itself and new adventures were presented to each character. I found the book well written, intelligent, and with spiritual images that were interesting and thought provoking. Some were obvious spiritual messages; others were a little more obscure (at least for me). Although the book is about three children, this is not a book for small children. Its detailed descriptions are horrifyingly scary and dark.

Overall, the story is very much like the struggles we have every day. We daily strive for with good, which can be hard to find, but all too often find greed and desires which can look so inviting. We suffer consequences of our decisions, but redemption is always in reach.

I am surprised that this is the author’s first novel. Angel Fall can easily compete with the works of more well known authors of this genre, and I look forward to the author's Mentalist Series. Be sure to visit the Coleman Luck's website listed below. His biography is interesting and there are really fun and quirky things to click on the main page.

About the author:
Coleman Luck is a Hollywood writer/producer whose credits include television series such as The Equalizer, Gabriel's Fire and The Burning Zone. A native of Wheaton, Illinois, Coleman is a Life Member of the Writers Guild of America, West. Angel Fall is his first novel. His second, to be published is 2010, is entitled Dagon's Illusion and is the first in what is projected to be a trilogy called The Mentalist Series. Coleman lives in the Sierra Nevada Mountains of central California near Yosemite National Park. His official website is:

A quote from Angel Fall:
“Out of the woman’s body streaked a thousand twisted limbs that writhed, splitting and branching into the air. Higher and higher, she towered over the girl. But as Amanda stared at her, she was changing too. A blazing strength shone in her eyes. In that terrifying moment her childhood ended, and she became all that she was meant to be. Calmly she said, ‘This isn’t the Mountain. My journey isn’t finished. I still have to take the baby home.’”


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