Friday, November 6, 2009

She Had No Enemies by Dennis Fleming link for She Had No Enemies

Book Description:

Dennis Fleming's 18-yr-old sister, Mickey, was murdered by serial killer Anthony J. LaRette, Jr. Through a combination of solid journalism and introspective reflection, Dennis weaves an intricate story filled with sadness, anger, and even humor about his attempts to cope with the greatest tragedy he'd ever known. A life-affirming story about one man's twenty-five-year search for meaning and fulfillment in the face of a devastating situation. It's also about keeping a promise to someone you love. From the shocking details of Mickey's murder and his subsequent suicide attempt to the mixed feelings he experienced as he witnessed LaRette's execution, Dennis delves deeply into the complex process of coming to grips with his sister's death and of eventually finding forgiveness in his heart for her killer.

My Review:

She Had No Enemies is a personal and touching true crime story about the death of the author’s young sister, Mickey, by a serial killer. At times it was difficult to read, but there is so much to this tragic story from his own family dynamics to the legal drama that came with the arrest of the killer. The story clearly shows how the death of someone so young damages those who love them physically, mentally, and spiritually.

Those who suffer through this type of loss have to make a decision at some point to go forward, and this book explains how the author took his loss and created something positive. The book takes some strange spiritual turns at the end, but it is the author’s story and part of his recovery. Finding peace is not easy when things in life are going well, but finding it in the midst of tragedy is truly an accomplishment.

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  1. Wow.. This is a good read.. Heading to Amazon, to check it out.. Thank you for sharing this review!


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