Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Bible Stories Painting Book 2 Text by Juliet David and Illustrations by Simon Abbott

Bible Stories Painting Book 2 is a water painting book. Dip the brush in water, wipe it around on the paint palette to pick up color, and then transfer to the picture.  There are sixteen pages with various Bible stories in cartoon form. Each has a two-sentence description of the scene.  For example, the scenes depict Adam and Eve, Abraham & Isaac, Jacob and the dream, Jacob and Joseph’s coat, Moses with the laws, David and Goliath, and ten others.

The front and back covers are fold-in style so that there is sturdy cardboard for the paint palettes. There are two identical paint wheel palettes with purples, oranges, greens, and blues.  There is a full page with tube shaped palettes that have oranges, gold, green, blue, and brown. Also, there are smaller tube shaped palates under the wheels with the same colors.

The pictures are fairly detailed, so I wouldn't recommend them for very small children. I tested the book with a two-year old, and it didn't hold her interest. Perhaps 4 years old and up would appreciate the detail in the pictures more. As with other water paint books, the colors are not vibrant, but the book provides a quick easy project without too much mess. (Paint brush is not included)


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