Saturday, October 22, 2011

Terrarium Craft by Amy Bryant Aiello and Katie Bryant

My love for terrariums goes back to the 1970s when those large, spaceship-style plastic orbs were so popular.  Terrarium Craft by Amy Bryant Aiello and Kate Bryant is a wonderful book that has inspired me to bring some updated terrariums back into my home.

What I liked most about the book is that that the authors’ creations are from found materials. Instead of expensive Wardian cases, this book shows how to create beautiful scenes from a variety of glass objects you may have around the house or something you will be able to pick up at a thrift store. 

The authors provide good instructions for choosing containers and the proper planting materials to provide for a healthy environment for added plants.  There are many pages of inspiration for natural and unique materials to add beauty and charm to the desired scene.  Plants and mosses are also explained.  There are full-page sized photographs of most of the designs.

I especially appreciate the photographs that show step-by-step how to assemble the terrarium.  There are 50 terrarium projects with a list of contents and instructions for assembly.  They are divided into four groups based on inspiration – Forest, Beach, Desert, and Fantasy.  If you are not a plant person, some of these are so pretty that you don’t need to add plants!  Just in case you don’t have time to hunt and gather supplies, there is a list of resources to purchase a variety of plants, mosses, and décor.

This is a wonderful book for inspiration and instructions for creating terrariums.  It would also make a nice gift book.

Thank you to Timber Press for this copy of Terrarium Craft for review.  It is provided with the understanding that I give my honest opinion of the book. 

 I receive no compensation if the book is purchased through my link.

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  1. I remember when everyone had one of those. Looks like a good book.


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