Saturday, October 15, 2011

The Baker's Wife by Erin Healy

The first chapter or so was a little over-the-top because of the overly descriptive and flowery writing, but once I got past the beginning, the story fell into place.  The dialog helped to even out the writing.  This is an interesting story of a pastor falsely accused of a sinful act to protect a family member. The family’s life spirals out of control when an accident victim can’t be found.

This is a Christian book, and there are a lot of faith issues covered.  Some of the things interlaced into the story are the difference in the type of prayers the wife and the husband (former pastor) offered, sin, repentance, evil, and forgiveness.  

The characters are interesting and I did like the story, but there is one thing that I just couldn’t accept in a Christian fiction book. The preacher's wife participates in the occult.  I think it is an unfortunate addition to the story and completely unnecessary.   The author took the easy way out by portraying the main protagonist as a medium using articles of clothing to see and feel what a missing person was going through. It would have been much more interesting to have an interesting police/detective method of solving the crime, but instead the author took the occult route.

I received this book as part of the Booksneeze program from Thomas Nelson accepted only with the understanding that I give an honest review. I receive no compensation if you purchase through my links.


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