Sunday, May 22, 2011

Murder One by Robert Dugoni

Due for release in June, link to preorder Murder One by Robert Dugoni
Main characters David Sloane and Barclay Reid have a chance meeting and a definite connection, but then the drug kingpin who sold the drugs that killed Reid's daughter ends up dead. Main suspect - Barclay Reid! Is Barclay an innocent grieving mother or a cold calculating killer? David puts his legal skills to work to prove her innocence.

This legal thriller has many twists in the story and leaves the reader guessing until the end. Although I was sure that I had it all figured out, more twists left even me surprised.  I enjoyed and cared about Sloane's character.

This was my first Robert Dugoni book and I enjoyed it enough to order two of his previous books.

Thank you to Simon &Schuster’s eGalley program for the e-copy of this book.

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