Thursday, May 26, 2011

501 Quilting Motifs from the Editors of Quiltmaker Magazine

Link to purchase 501 Quilting Motifs from the Editors of Quiltmaker Magazine

501 Quilting Motifs begins with some basic information on motifs and how to select, adapt, and transfer them. After the short intro, it is packed with quilting designs.  Choose from cute quilt designs for children’s quilts, or from the feathers, flowers, foods (including a cup and teapot), geometric shapes, hearts, seasonal/holiday, and vines and leaves – 501 in all!

The book is a heavy-duty spiral bound, and the covers fold back flat for easy tracing or copying. 

Along with the quilt motifs on each page are design ideas to show placement of the motifs in different ways.  There are designs for all skill levels, too.  I have other quilt design books, but I think this one has unique patterns that give it an edge.  Such a wide variety makes this a must-have for quilters.  Whether quilting by hand or by machine, there is something for every quilt here.

A review copy was provided by Martingale and Company


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